Modern Rustic Bedroom


If you think modern and rustic are two opposing words then you could be
right, however they can be combined within the bedroom not by the use
magic but by using modern bedroom furniture and a neutral colour palette
comprising of egg shell blues, dusky pinks and salmon beige.
How can this be you may wonder and the key is to make the look cohesive,
you need to be able to keep the room looking natural, even when
introducing solid pieces of furniture such as black gloss wardrobes.
The backdrop to the room needs to be soothing and calm, by using gentle
colour scheme to bring the traditional atmosphere of the country look
into the bedroom.
An essential part is to keep the bedroom free from distracting clutter
and to focus on the amount of light you get into the room, if you have a
north facing bedroom then keep the shades on the walls to the paler
versions of the colours, this will keep the bedroom looking bright and
fresh. If you have a south facing bedroom, then the use of stronger
tones within the colour palette can be played with.
Woodwork is a key area and you want to try to avoid heavy glosses as,
this is the focus of the bedroom furniture not the skirting boards or
doors. Use soft whites for the woodwork; this will give an extra rustic
Another area to focus on with this type of room design is to ensure your
bedding has another colour dimension such as a twang of blue or a deep
sumptuous rich brown. Try to avoid colours that are cool, remember it
is only the furniture that should give the modern edge not the soft
furnishings or bedding. The colours to avoid are pale grey, green and
pale blue.
Flooring the modern rustic bedroom should really be floorboards,
smoothed down to reflect their natural appearance, however if your
floorboards are a bit worse for wear, then consider a laminate that
reflects country charm of days gone by. This will have a tremendous
effect and really brings warmth and a lived in feel to your home.
The accessories in your room can be given over to country charm and
these will be down to your own personal taste. The merge between modern
and rustic feeling can be achieved and the majority of it will fall into
the colours you choose rather than the bedroom furniture.

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Philip Sedgefield is an interior designer who has worked on many projects for house and home utilising the latest innovations in modern bedroom furniture and is currently looking for new designs in home office furniture. Home improvement doesn’t have to feel dull and boring, it can be fun and rewarding no matter how big the task at hand.

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