Ideas to make your Living room look lovelier and feel livelier!

Living room is the most
lived-in room of your home. It is the place where you seat your guests for a
coffee and chat with them.  Therefore great
care has to be exercised while decorating it.

When it comes to good
interior decorating, two things top the list. One is proper lighting and the
other is good furnishing! A well-lit home is a symbol of happiness. No one will
like dark and gloomy homes. Research scholars have found that depressed people
on entering well-lit spaces experience an almost immediate positive change in
their mood!

So choose appropriate lighting
fixtures for your room. The most basic but important lighting fixture is a
chandelier. Chandeliers can act as the focal point of the room. Ornate your
living room ceiling with an attractive chandelier that goes well with the room.

Choosing the right type of
chandelier can be made easy with these tips in mind. First of all, decide on
the right type of chandelier for your foyer.  For this, you need to analyze the current décor
and style of your living room. For instance, if yours is a modern living room,
then contemporary chandeliers are a good choice. If your living room is more
traditional, then choosing traditional crystal chandeliers can make them look
more appealing. Tuscan themed living spaces go well with brass chandeliers with
antique finish. Similarly, candle chandeliers are a great buy for rooms that
demand an aesthetic look.

Once you have chosen the
type of chandelier, check out what size would be the best for your room. Over-sized
or under-sized chandeliers can make your room look awkward! Here is a small
trick that you can use to figure out the right-sized chandelier for your room.
Add the dimensions of your room and the resulting figure is the approximate diameter
of the perfect chandelier. More over choose chandeliers that occupy less
vertical space for shorter ceilings and vice versa. Apart from chandeliers,
decorative floor lamps, Table lamps, wall sconces and lights are also great
options to top up the beauty of your drawing room.

The next important
category is furnishing. Foyer furniture mainly comprises of sofas, love seats,
coffee or cocktail table and end tables. Choose such that they are related to
each other to give a themed look. For example, you can choose all of these with
the same finish and so on. Furnishing not only includes furniture but also
other noted decor like area
, wall decor, Ceiling fan etc. Due importance must be given to each one
of these in order to get a perfect picturesque living hall that anyone would
envy at!

Interior Design – Genius Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Time for a challenge! H&H’s Joel Bray and Reiko Caron bring high style to a tiny, sterile space – a university dorm room at Ryerson University in Toronto. Learn how to fully transform a dull room into a stylish, young adult living space by adding personality with fabrics and accessories. Oh, and Joel builds a headboard in under 10 minutes. No big deal.

The space came with a number of restrictions, like bossy carpeting and a dull blue color palette, so Joel and Reiko had to work with the room’s decor instead of against it. After repositioning the furniture and removing a lot of the pieces, like burgundy curtains, a side table, a task lamp, chair, and “prison bedding,” an extension rod was added to display layered sheer and dark drapes. The same drapes are used to hide the closet, but on shower curtain rods since they’re adjustable. Joel created a headboard with cardboard, foam and pretty patterned fabric for the bed, which was styled with throw pillows and a sequined duvet. A classic table lamp brings light to the bedside and desk, while an inexpensive large framed map – which was DIY’d – adds the final pop of pretty, helping to transform the 100-square-foot room into a stylish, young adult living space.