Sexy Sensual Bedroom Space

Create a Sexy, Sensual Bedroom Space for Women Over 40

A clutter-free, soothing environment can easily turn your bedroom into a place for pleasure. Enhance romance in your bedroom by doing the following:

  • Remove distractions such as work-related items
  • Remove clutter (clothes & shoes should go in the hamper or closet)
  •  Set a limit for TV time
  • Play soft music

Whether you want to create a sensual sanctuary for two or just for you, the best place to start is with the five senses.

Your bedroom is the most personal room in your house. Fill it with individualized items that inspire comfort, serenity and sensuality. Here are a few ideas to heighten your five senses.


  • Starting with the paint on your walls – select warm and soothing tones that your eyes are drawn to when you enter the room.
  • Set the mood with coordinating or contrasting bedding that adds depth to your room.
  • Select glamorous and romantic accessories. Try using a variety of shapes, sizes and textures for your pillows, plants, vases, and lighting.
  • Decadent window coverings can really pull the entire look together.


  • Select a music play list that calms your senses and also invokes feelings of romance. Try blending love songs with soothing instrumentals to really spark that loving feeling.
  • A soothing sound machine can also inspire a variety of feelings to mellow your mood.
  • The ultimate sensory experience is crackling fire. If you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in your bedroom, don’t let it collect dust (pun intended). Treat yourself – use it regularly! If you don’t have a fireplace, check out the portable varieties.


Few things feel better than the touch of silk or satin – even faux fur.  A few touchy, feely suggestions you may enjoy:

  • Sensual bedding (satin sheets or a large and luxurious velvet throw)
  • Bedroom clothing that makes you feel feminine, sexy and pretty
  • Oils and lotions to moisturize your skin at night

As for those oils and lotions – don’t forget your midsection. It’s one of the most sensual places on your body.

Also, treat your partner or each other to a slow, relaxing oil massage to get you both in the mood.

Keep these potions in a private place to quickly have on hand when things heat up!


  • Light your favorite scented candle regularly and enjoy the glow and aroma.
  • Accent your room with flowers. They never fail to add a special touch.
  • Diffusers and incense bring intensely erotic elements to the bedroom.
  • For a softer scent, try a spritz of linen spray or your favorite perfume on your linens. It will make slipping between the sheets after a long day even more enjoyable and sensual.


  • Keep glasses of wine for one or two next to the bed to enjoy. Drinking wine can quickly ease the stresses of the day and bring on relaxation.
  • A small bowl of dark chocolate in the bedroom can become a fun treat that doubles as a serotonin boostArticle Submission, accelerating feelings of well-being.